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By Progressive Dental
December 23, 2019
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
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Dental implants are an efficient and effective way to replace missing teeth. Drs. Meridith and Bart Hall provide patients with dental implants at their Ann Arbor, MI, office to treat this problem.

Dental implants are oral appliances that mimic the appearance of natural teeth. They provide people with a smile that will improve their self-esteem and resolve functional problems.

Missing teeth affect a person's ability to bite, chew and speak, and, in the long run, you may even notice jawbone shrinkage. One of the many advantages of dental appliances is that it prevents this shrinkage, and reinforces the jawbone.

So, what else do you need to know about dental implants?

Your Ann Arbor dentist first places a biocompatible titanium screw in your gums, where the tooth is missing and allows it to fuse with the rest of your jawbone for 3-6 months. You'll need to visit your dentist during those months to ensure all is well and after the implant has bonded, your dentist will insert a screw in the titanium post, put an abutment on the screw and, finally, place a crown that matches the rest of your smile.

You'll walk out of your dentist's office with a healthy rejuvenated smile that can last a lifetime. That's right! If you take care of your dental implants properly, they can last a lifetime. Make sure you brush twice a day and floss daily.

Other preventative measures include maintaining a healthy diet. Avoid sugary food that fuels acid-producing bacteria. The bacterial acid is the cause of decay and gum disease which may lead to serious dental problems.

Are you interested in dental implants? Call the dentists at Progressive Dental, Drs. Meridith and Bart Hall, located in Ann Arbor, MI at (734) 930-4022 for more information.